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January 2010 - Presentation by David Gill, PhD., St. Mary's College

Ethics as a Quality System:  6 Components, 4 Processes

January 2009 - Presentation by Armand Mintanciyan, RCM Tecnologies

  IT Auditing for GxP Professionals

February 2009 - Presentation by Bikash Chatterjee and Mike Ahmadi

  ePedigree - Security As A Quality Objective - Flash
  ePedigree - Security As A Quality Objective - PDF

November 2009 - Presentation by Arlene Kadrich and K. Dawn Plaskon

  The Simple and the Not  So Simple - Managing the ISO 9001:2008 Transition

November 2008 - Presentation by Wai Wong, Pharmatech Assoc.

   An Overview of Risk-Based Validation

September 2008 - Presentation by Brad Feuling, Kong & Allen

    China Logistics and Supply Chains

February 2008 - Presentation by Daniel Donahoe

    The Rocky Marriage of Technology and Quality

May 2007 - Presentation Materials from Sacramento Quality

    A Strategy Driven Organization