2018 Section Officers  

Chair:  Mike Bouchard chair@asqeastbay.org

Secretary:  Remy Carlis  secretary@asqeastbay.org

Treasurer:  Dawn Plaskon 

Section Board

Membership Chair: Remy Carlis membership@asqeastbay.org
Program Chair:  Geoff Lee programs@asqeastbay.org
Webmaster: Mike Spencer webmaster@asqeastbay.org
Communications Chair: Mike Spencer communications@asqeastbay.org
Certification Chair:  Ellen Hill  certification@asqeastbay.org
Recertification Chair:  Ellen Hill certification@asqeastbay.org 
Auditing Chair: Geoff Langstaff  auditing@asqeastbay.org  
Voice of the Customer: Rashima Sonson voc@asqeastbay.org
Program Support: Kim Wade program-support@asqeastbay.org

Past Chair 2013-2015 Dawn Plaskon
Past Chair 2011-2013 Geoff Lee glee@asqeastbay.org
Past Chair 2010-2011 Mike Spencer mspencer@asqeastbay.org
Past Chair 2009-2010 Wai Wong wwong@asqeastbay.org
Past Chair 2008-2009 Kate Raymond kraymond@asqeastbay.org
Past Chair 2007-2008 Bikash Chatterjee bchatterjee@asqeastbay.org
Past Chair 2006-2007 Juliet Carrara jcarrara@asqeastbay.org

Section Contact Information

 Phone Number 510-842-7709